My Teaching Philosophy

About two decades back, I stepped into in my first classroom to teach a bunch of curious looking kids.  That was the start of a lifelong journey.  I fell in love with this profession, and now it is a part of my life and my identity.  I can’t think of a life without teaching and disseminating what I have learnt. 

It gives me an opportunity to help my students grow into their best selves.  It allows me to inspire them and support them in their journey through life.  That is the foundation of a meaningful life.

I believe people learn with experience, by exploration, under the guidance of someone who has walked through the path, knows it well, and is willing to show it to others.

I believe effective teaching begins with inspiration.  The teacher should himself be someone the students could look up to and would want to be like.  The best teaching is through example.  First setting the example, and then showing the students examples around them, and igniting the fire of curiosity inside them, that can keep them going and discovering new arenas by themselves.

I teach different subjects Microbiology, Pathology, Psychology, Religion and Marketing.  There are different ways of knowing how well they have learnt.  There are formative and summative assessments, which reflect upon students learning and in some classes we have class projects such as developing a product, its marketing plan and an advertisement for their product.

I try to teach through experience.  I tell a lot of stories, give a lot of examples, ask a lot of questions to build upon their prior learning.  Depending upon the class, I ask them to solve cases, scenarios, and quizzes, so that they can get the grasp of what they are doing.

Since our predominant teaching methodology are lectures.  I try to make them interactive and engage my students through different methods.  My students have mostly been satisfied with the teaching and learning in my class, which is reflected by my evaluations, which are mostly amongst the highest scoring faculty members.

I believe I need to include more modalities related to technology, and enhance my teaching through it, as it will help me develop a better learning experience for my students and a higher satisfaction for me.