Administrative Roles

The Office of the Tuberculosis Labs of Dow University, with the Director Dow Diagnostic Research and Reference Laboratories, Prof. Asif Qureshi

Tuberculosis Labs of Dow University

I remain attached to the TB Labs of the University for about a decade.  These included Provincial TB Reference Laboratory and the TB Section of Dow Diagnostic Research and Reference Labs.  

Though this wasn't a pleasant assignment, and I did not want to be there, but I tried my best to meet all the performance standards I could.

During my time, the lab was upgraded to the BSL III facility, we started GeneXpert, Liquid culture and Line Probe Assays.  Our culture load exceeded from 5000 per year, while GeneXpert cases reached to 12000+.

The greatest achievement however was to create a learning culture in the lab, as several staff members got enrolled in higher degrees and completed their M. Phil, MSPH, MBA and attended multiple trainings.  We also developed some collaborations and published a few research papers.

Representing Sindh Team with the Legend Dr. Amanullah Ansari and Dr. Saleem Kazmi

Dow Research Day 2015, with Dr. Shaukat Ali

Attending Quality Management Meeting for TB Labs in Islamabad with Mr. Alamdar Hussain

Facilitating an International Review at Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases

Institute of Biomedical Sciences

I was appointed Deputy Director at Institute of Biomedical Sciences in 2016 and remained on the position for about five years.  During this time, I got a chance to work with several prominant academics including Professor Masood Qureshi, Professor Talat Mirza and Professor Zeba Haque.

At IBMS, during the time of Professor Talat Mirza, I started Research Retreats during which, we invited several prominent faculty members for sharing their experiences with the M. Phil and Ph.D students.

I have also been serving as member of Board of Studies at IBMS.

With Dr. Saeed Khan, Additional Director IBMS and our beloved Baba..

Meeting of Board of Studies at IBMS

Institutional Review Board

Dow Patient Care Association (DPCA)

In 2018, I was given the responsibility to support Dow Patient Care Association, a role, which I held till February 2022.

During this time, I helped DPCA organize several events including Bake Sales, Open Mic and their elections.

I am glad that I had some role in helping the poor patients through these awesome medical students.

Department of Distance Learning and Online Teaching